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     Hello, all.  I was thinking about Wednesday night's meeting and how
we briefly talked about what presentations we might like to see in 2012.

+  A recent, online discussion that I read about the release
   of Linux kernel 3.2 brought up BtrFS's snapshots and sub-
   volumes features.  I, for one, would like to learn about
   BtrFS -- not just what it is and how to use it, but also
   how it works.  (I need to update my mental image of what
   data being stored in a file system `looks like`.)
   Any BtrFS users out there?  Would somebody be willing to
   speak on this at a future meeting?

+  What about a talk on systemd?  I generically know it is a
   replacement for System V init, but I don't know much
   about it, or how to use it to maximum effectiveness as a
   system administrator.  Anybody?

+  Anybody doing clustering with GNU/Linux?  I know Red Hat
   offers a "High Availability Add-On" to their Red Hat
   Enterprise Linux product.  I know nothing about it, and
   know just barely a little about server clustering, in
   general.  Do any of you use GNU/Linux or UNIX clustering
   at your places of employment?

+  Do any of you manage a large number of GNU/Linux servers?
   Do you use the Puppet or Spacewalk (or some other)
   configuration management software?  I'd like to hear
   about it.

     As you can tell, I'm mostly interested in learning about
corporate/enterprise-type subjects.  But that doesn't mean I wouldn't
find hobbyist-type subjects interesting.  I really enjoyed December's
talk by Tom Lapp on video editing, the talk by Michael Schultheiss on
MythTV and Jason Corfman's talk on BeagleBoard.  I hope there are other,
inspiring, home-project-type topics along with the more `serious`
work-related ones.
     What topics would you like to hear about?  Any volunteers?

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