Live Cygwin/X CD

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at
Wed Dec 15 08:54:05 MST 2004

Doc.Brown at wrote:
>    Interesting; there is a new Live Cygwin/X CD for windows users to connect
>    to Linux/Unix without installing Cygwin.
>    Created right here in Indiana.

I glanced at that this morning when I saw it on Slashdot.  Apparently
it's not a live CD in the sense of Knoppix/Morphix/etc. (boot from CD
and have live environment) but instead you put the CD in a CD/DVD drive
of a computer already running Windows and you have instant access to X
capabilities without installing Cygwin.

I imagine it would be useful in an environment where you can't (or don't
want to) install Cygwin but I think I'd prefer a full blown Cygwin
install so I could benefit from the full Cygwin suite.

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