[Announce] April CINLUG Meeting -- "So You Wanna Start A Podcast"

Bernie Hoefer LUG-Member at TheMoreIKnow.info
Mon Mar 28 22:10:31 EDT 2022

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Please join us on Wednesday, April 6th for our next meeting of the Central INdiana Linux User Group (CINLUG)!

Nate Lager and Jason Frisvold, hosts of _Iron Sysadmin Podcast_[1],  will present "So You Wanna Start A Podcast".

  The _Iron Sysadmin Podcast_, now 5 years running, is a show on the
  sysadmin lifestyle and the operations role, with a focus on
  security.  Nate and Jason started the show in 2016, when the
  podcasting space was a bit different than it is today.

  Come and hear how they started the show, why they started the show
  and even how they came up with the name.  They will cover how to get
  started with podcasting today -- maybe even with the hardware you
  already have.

  Nate has been a Linux fan since Red Hat 5.0 -- over 20 years ago!
  He picked up his first Linux distribution at a computer show when
  he was 17.  He has has been in the professional sysadmin role for
  15 years, but has lived the sysadmin life since the bulletin
  board system (BBS) days, now putting that experience to use as a
  technical account manager at Red Hat.

  Jason is a 25+ year hands-on technology executive with experience
  ranging from Network Operations to Global Security and DevOps.  His
  career spans telecommunications, banking, and higher education
  market segments.  Jason now specializes in rapid operationalization
  of startup financial and other high-security environments.  He
  organizes multiple security conferences, including BSides Delaware.

Come join us, in-person, at Moser Consulting's facility[2].  The meeting starts at 19:00 (7:00 PM) EDT.  (Many thanks to Moser Consulting[3] for allowing us to use their facilities!  Please know that their policy is that unvaccinated attendees will need to wear a mask.)

The meeting will be simultaneously broadcast over Google Meet[4] for those who cannot attend in person.

[1] https://www.ironsysadmin.com/

[2] 6220 Castleway West Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250

[3] https://www.moserit.com/

[4] https://meet.google.com/nky-kihi-win



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