[Announce] [olf-announce] MC Frontalot to headline party at Ohio LinuxFest 2012

Kevin O'Brien news at ohiolinux.org
Tue Aug 28 21:26:10 EDT 2012

My apologies if anyone got this twice, but we had some server problems and
we don't think this went through last time.

As you know, each year we have a wrap-up party on Saturday night, but this
year, for our tenth anniversary, we have something very special: MC F
rontalot will be our entertainer! Thanks to the support of OpenNMS we are
very happy to bring this to you.

But you need to get your ticket now. Space is limited, and once the tickets
have been sold, no one else will be allowed in. Tickets are only $5, and
that gets you your first drink, so it is darn near free, but supplies are
limited. Act now!



Kevin O'Brien
Publicity Director, Ohio LinuxFest
news at ohiolinux.org
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