[Announce] September 7, 2005 CINLUG Meeting at EDS

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Wed Aug 17 13:59:17 CDT 2005

The September meeting of CINLUG, the Central Indiana Linux Users' Group,
is scheduled for 7PM on Wednesday, September 7, 2005.  The meeting is
being held at EDS (9795 Crosspoint Blvd, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN

( Directions can be found at
http://www.cinlug.org/info/directions_eds_html )

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.  There will be door prizes and
a presentation by Dr. Ram Rao of Hewlett-Packard entitled "A Survey of
Virtualization Techniques in Linux."  Dr. Rao spoke at the May 2005
CINLUG meeting on Xen, one such virtualization technique.  This talk is
meant to cover numerous virtualization techniques.  Dr. Rao is also
presenting this survey at the HP Technology Forum on September 14.  The
talk summary on hptechnologyforum.com states:

Virtualization Technologies in Linux: A Survey
Dr. Ram Rao, Linux Ambassador, HP

This session takes a close look at virtualization technologies and
explains why virtualization is important and the benefits that can be
gained from it.

* Hear a brief history of virtualization, including information on
  mainframes, UNIX, HP OpenVMS, and PCs. 
* Discuss specific areas of virtualization such as resource management,
  operating system images, clustering, deployment/blades, on demand,
  pay-per-use, and hard partitions. 
* Review resource management solutions such as class-based kernel
  resource management (CKRM) architecture. 
* Position the numerous operating system virtualization solutions,
  including VMware architecture, platforms, and tools such as Virtual
  Center, VMotion, and P2V; Microsoft Virtual Server design overview;
  User Mode Linux architecture; Win4Lin architecture and Linux
  integration; Xen Virtual Machine Monitor goals, architecture,
  paravirtualization, performance implications, and corporate support. 
* Look at processor support for virtualization, including Intel's
  Vanderpool technology, AMD's Pacifica, as well as the impact of
  processor support on operating system virtualization. 
* View several case studies to see how companies are using Linux
  virtualization solutions today. 
* Participate in demonstrations of some of these technologies.

The meeting agenda includes:

Call to order
Summary of the board meeting minutes
Discussion of upcoming events
Dr. Ram Rao with a Survery of Virtualization Technologies in Linux
Door Prizes drawing
Discussion time
Close of meeting

More information is available at http://www.cinlug.org

>From the web site (http://www.cinlug.org):

CINLUG meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month 
They start at 7:00pm and the presentations usually last
about 1 - 1.5 hours. The meeting is usually followed by an
open discusion for any questions you may have about anything.

Donations are accepted throughout the year.  They are _not_ required for
attendance, but are encouraged to help with funding events and expenses.
If you would like to donate to CINLUG, there is a Paypal button
available on www.cinlug.org for your convenience.  Cash and checks are
also accepted at meetings.

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