[Announce] May 7, 2003 CINLUG Meeting - Theory 15 at ITT Tech

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Thu Apr 17 15:59:45 CDT 2003

The May meeting of CINLUG, the Central Indiana Linux Users' Group,
is scheduled for 7PM on Wednesday, May 7, 2003.  The meeting is
being held at ITT Technical Institute (9511 Angola Court 
Indianapolis, IN 46268) in Theory 15 on the second floor.  In case of 
a room change, signs will be posted in the halls and stairwells of 
ITT Tech.

(Directions can be found at http://www.cinlug.org/info/directions_html)

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.  There will be door prizes and
a screening of the film REVOLUTION OS.  REVOLUTION OS is a documentary
on the evolution of Linux and the Open Source movement.  The film
features interviews with key members of the Open Source Movement
including Linus Torlvalds, creator of Linux; Richard M. Stallman,
creator of GNU and founder of the Free Software Foundation, Bruce
Perens, and Eric S. Raymond.

The documentary is 85 minutes long.  More information about REVOLUTION
OS is available at http://www.revolution-os.com/

A single copy of the 2-disc special edition DVD of REVOLUTION OS will
given away as a door prize. The REVOLUTION OS special edition DVD is
CSS-Encryption Free and Region Free. If you do not win the door prize,
you can purchase your own copy at ThinkGeek.

The meeting agenda includes:

Call to order
Discussion of upcoming events
Screening of REVOLUTION OS
Door Prizes drawing
Close of Meeting
Discussion time

More information is available at http://www.cinlug.org

>From the web site (http://www.cinlug.org):

CINLUG meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month 
They start at 7:00pm and the presentations usually last
about 1 - 1.5 hours. The meeting is usually followed by an
open discusion for any questions you may have about anything.

Annual dues are $30 collected each March and prorated throughout 
the year. Paid membership is _not_ required for attendance, but
encouraged to help with funding events and expenses. Just show
up and find out more to see if you want to become a member.

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